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Re: mgp.el

From: Hirotsugu Kakugawa
Subject: Re: mgp.el
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 09:05:09 +0900


rms>     1. C-u C-c C-c calculates the current page and passes it to magicpoint
rms>        so that the presentation starts with the current page.
rms>        This shouldn't be very hard to add. If I take code from the
rms>        original we need papers from the original author Hirotsugu
rms>        Kakugawa.
rms> How many limes of code is that?  We don't need papers if it is small.
rms> Alternatively, can you write your own code to do this job?

I wrote two elisp functions, and they are only 23 lines of code in total.
They simply count the number of "\n%page" in a buffer.


Hirotsugu Kakugawa

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