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Re: comint-carriage-motion causes severe problems.

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: comint-carriage-motion causes severe problems.
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 16:07:45 -0600 (MDT)

      What does
    (s)he do if (s)he wants it in all but a few modes, where it
    back-fires?  It seems inconvenient to add the function locally to all
    modes (s)he could possibly ever use, including new modes in new emacs
    releases, just to avoid enabling them in, say, one single mode.

This feature is clearly useful in theory.  If this case arises often
in practice, this feature is a good way to make it easier.  Let's
wait, before implementing it, to see if the need really arises in
practice.  There is no end of clean and theoretically useful features
we could implement, but it is not really a useful way to spend our

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