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Re: please consider emacs-unicode for pervasive changes

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: please consider emacs-unicode for pervasive changes
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 12:44:56 -0400

> There have been various pervasive changes recently which will cause
> grief merging the unicode branch eventually.  Could people doing this
> for Mule-related files (including display) please be prepared to
> modify the `emacs-unicode' branch too.  I don't know if handa would
> like to be consulted beforehand, but I assume he'd appreciate having
> it done now, with less problems later on.  (I guess the same would go
> for other active branches, if there are any.)

Maintaining several branches like that takes a lot
of effort, especially if active development is done on both
the trunk and emacs-unicode.

I obviously agree that merging changes from the trunk to emacs-unicode
should be done regularly, ideally by the person that did the change.

But I think we should also think about trying to reduce the number of
active branches.  How about the following:

- feature freeze on the trunk.
- create a branch for Emacs_21_4 where we can commit bug-fixes during
  the subsequent debugging+pretest+maintenance period.
- merge the emacs-unicode changes onto the trunk.

IIUC 21.3 will be out soon, and I think that 21.4's feature freeze should
follow very closely.  How mature is emacs-unicode ?


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