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Re: 64-bit lossage

From: Ken Raeburn
Subject: Re: 64-bit lossage
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 18:23:28 -0400
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I have two Alpha systems available.

One runs Debian, very slowly; it's an old 166MHz box without much
memory.  (If anyone knows where I can find a fast, cheap Alpha that
runs Linux, I'm interested in upgrading.)

The other is at work and runs Tru64 5.1; it's a better build machine
at 500MHz but I need to remember to keep resynchronizing my sources
manually until someone gets OpenAFS ported. *sigh*

I'll try to get some builds done on them more often, but I'll note one
thing right off -- the m/alpha.h file breaks the USE_LISP_UNION_TYPE
code because it unconditionally redefines some of the macros for
picking apart an integer used as a Lisp_Object.  At a glance, it
appears that m/ia64.h and others do this too.

I'd say the macros in lisp.h need revising to better support 64-bit
architectures; this shouldn't be needed on a machine-by-machine basis.
If no one else gets around to it, I may take a shot at it....


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