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Re: PCL-CVS misbehavior

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: PCL-CVS misbehavior
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 04:43:01 -0400

> If you have a file in a PCL-CVS buffer which is marked "Unknown",
> then delete the file, then do M-x cvs-update RET, the file does not
> disappear from the listing.  Instead, "Unknown" is changed to
> "Up-to-date", which is a little confusing.

Note that from PCL-CVS' point of view it makes sense: both the repository
and your local workspace agree that this file is "absent" so your
workspace is "up-to-date" w.r.t. this file.

The situation is pretty much exactly the same as when you commit
a `cvs remove'.  PCL-CVS now says "Up-to-date" (with a subtype of
"removed") rather than just removing the entry from your *cvs* buffer.

But I guess you're right that for unknown files, the current behavior
is confusing.  The thing is, it's useful: open a *cvs*
buffer on emacs/lisp, then do

        I ange-ftp.el RET

this will insert an entry for `ange-ftp.el'.  It's marked "unknown": that's
a bug, it should be "up-to-date"; hit `e' to fix it.  Now hit `l' and
lo-and-behold you get the `cvs log' of the ange-ftp.el file before it was
moved to the `net' subdir.


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