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Re: 64-bit lossage

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: 64-bit lossage
Date: 23 Jul 2002 23:12:38 +0100
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Ken Raeburn <address@hidden> writes:

> Which OS are you using on the Alpha?

Tru64 5.1a, but I doubt that matters.  Irix64 does just that same.

> On the 5.1 machine I've got at work, with a source tree I've already
> started banging on for some of the lisp implementation issues I was
> complaining about recently,

What issues?

> I'm having some problems with mmap.  Not using mmap for buffer
> storage seems to fix the problem for the moment, but I'll
> investigate that further.

Yes -- I read this too late -- but what has changed in that area since

> and gdb-3.1 doesn't work.

Indeed; I've worked on it (insufficiently).  The GNUPro one from the
`The Linux and Tru64 UNIX Portability' (?) CD works, but I've not been
able to extract the sources for it from Compaq^WHP -- I must try

> I also noticed a number of compiler warnings about pointer mismatches
> where the pointer targets were of the wrong type (e.g., int vs
> long);

Some of that is problems with system headers that I may have kludges
for already.

> I'll try to clean some of that up later.  But they kind of get lost
> in the long list of complaints about mixing "char *" and "unsigned
> char *".

Yes, see etc/TODO.  See cc(1) for how to disable specific warnings,
e.g. `-msg_disable ptrmismatch1,promotmatchw', which I have currently.
I mostly used gcc to find such problems, though, and the result is the
same as with cc currently.  [The Compaq compiler supports some gcc
extensions, so testing __GNUC__ may not be optimal.]

> My problem showed up in some buffer manipulation code, so maybe it's
> not the same problem.  But like I said, I've already started making
> other changes in my tree....  Could you try the patch below?

What problem is it trying to solve?  I don't understand.  It doesn't
fix Tru64 or affect Solaris, Irix.

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