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Re: customize

From: Edward Welbourne
Subject: Re: customize
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 10:32:28 +0200

> Customize just adds two statements, custom-set-variable and
> custom-set-faces.
ah, each of which sets many, like setq can ?  Nice.

OK, I'd only used customize for one thing at a time thus far,
so it'd appeared to have one statement per thing to be set ...
mistaken extrapolation on my part here, exacerbated by paranoid
reading of the comments in the custom-set-* statements, which appeared
to say I shouldn't mess with them at all (which I read as not even
moving them).

That only leaves the scary behaviour I've had out of customize to
date, which I'll report on when next I'm exiting emacs, or re-starting
after a crash or re-boot (i.e. when I next don't have lots of state
held by live buffers) ... however, the downside of reliable software
(e.g. GNU/Linux and emacs in particular) is that this isn't guaranteed
to happen several times per day ... indeed, this emacs session is now
20 days old and showing no signs of trouble.


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