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Re: customize

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: Re: customize
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 11:32:45 +0000 (UTC)

   ... however, the downside of reliable software
   (e.g. GNU/Linux and emacs in particular) is that this isn't guaranteed
   to happen several times per day ... indeed, this emacs session is now
   20 days old and showing no signs of trouble.

I know the problem.  For testing purposes I start a separate instance
of Emacs, one that I call a `plain vanilla' Emacs since I do not load
my normal .emacs file, but start it `-q --no-site-file'.

Using this `plain vanilla' Emacs, I can load and evaluate a test
.emacs file or the customize expressions in my .emacs file or test
other features.

Here is the expression I use in my ~bob/.twmrc file

    "Vanilla Emacs 21 under GDB"  !"xterm -T 'GDB for Vanilla Emacs' \
                                  -n 'GDB for Vanilla Emacs'         \
                                  -bg mediumblue -fg white           \
                                  -geometry 80x24+965+4              \
                                  -wf -e gdb /usr/local/bin/emacs    \
                                  -x /home/bob/.gdb-vanilla-emacs-config & "

where /home/bob/.gdb-vanilla-emacs-config 
consists of:

    run -q --no-site-file --eval '(blink-cursor-mode 0)'

    show args

    Robert J. Chassell                  address@hidden
    Rattlesnake Enterprises             http://www.rattlesnake.com

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