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Re: Emacs cvs newbie problems

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Emacs cvs newbie problems
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 23:48:50 -0400

    > This means that on a system which comes with an Info directory
    > in /usr/info, our packages will by default not install into that
    > directory.

    I thought that on such a system, whoever configures and installs GNU 
    packages should invoke configure with --infodir=/usr/info.

Yes, that is what they should do to get correct results.
But lots of people will forget to do it.

Perhaps we can design a rule for choosingthe default for infodir
based on where info files already exist on the system.

    > I think that is somewhat of a problem.  Can we find
    > a way to solve it?

    We'd need a way to find the system Info directory.  The problem is 
    actually even harder than that, since on at least some systems there
    are several Info directories.

The existence of several Info directories is not a disaster, but it is
somewhat of a problem.  Avoiding that problem is the goal of this
discussion.  If all packages find the same right place to install
their Info files, we won't get multiple Info directories.

If there happen to be multiple Info directories already, it doesn't
matter tremendously which on a new file is installed in, as long as it
is installed in one of them and not in a new directory.  If all packages
avoid creating a new directory, then you will only have one.

This suggests that configure should find an existing Info directory
which is a good place to install, and use that as the default for
infodir.  If none is found, the default can be $(datadir)/info.

Do you see any problem with that idea?

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