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Re: Xft support (freetype, anti-aliasing) in X11 emacs

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Xft support (freetype, anti-aliasing) in X11 emacs
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 22:03:04 +0200

torsdagen den 3 oktober 2002 kl 21.28 skrev Ami Fischman:

"Jan D." <address@hidden> writes:


I'm working on a Gtk port (not much time to spend on this lately, but
moving forward somewhat faster this month).  But that won't give you
anti-alias support "for free".  In Gtk at least, it would mean a total
conversion of all display code in Emacs to use Gtk primitives
for text.  This duplication of code is undesirable.

My impression was that if the code uses pango, then you can relatively
simply select between having pango use Xft/ft2/std.X calls.  Is this
incorrect or were you not including using pango under the heading of a "Gtk

Yes, pango can use X calls, but Emacs have to convert to using pango, and that is a lot of code. Basically you would have one pango version and one X version of the code, or just one pango version. I don't know if the requirement to have pango to run Emacs is OK. Also, Emacs would probably have to be converted to Unicode, since that is what pango uses.

Putting in anti-alias code that works with X regardless of toolkit would
be nice.

I think having emacs use Xft2 directly instead of standard X font interface
would do it.

If you say so, I haven't looked at Xft2. I don't even like antialiased fonts, they make my eyes hurt :-)

        Jan D.

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