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Re: please consider emacs-unicode for pervasive changes

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: please consider emacs-unicode for pervasive changes
Date: Sun, 06 Oct 2002 12:14:48 -0400

    >     > Would you please explain why we can't get rid of those charsets even
    >     > after we have unified them into Unicode?
    >     Because people want to use them.
    > You are being very terse.  It is conceivable that you have a valid point,
    > but your words don't present it clearly and therefore I am not convinced.

    I don't see what more I can say.  What other reason is there for
    adding charsets than users want or need them?

Use them how?  For what purposes?  If I don't understand what use
they have, I cannot think about the question.

    I don't know why I should have to convince you anyway.

No reason it has to be you, but I am trying to understand the
situation and you could help.

    If you don't trust me to know roughly what I'm doing, please find
    someone else to do the Mule donkey work.  If you object to the whole
    design, then I don't see what's basically wrong with it, and it's too
    late to change it now.

I'm not ready to object to it, or support it--first I need to know
what it *is*.

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