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Emacs for Workshop?

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Emacs for Workshop?
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 21:32:02 +0100

Simon Marshall writes (Mon, 30 Sep 2002) :

> I use Sun Workshop quite a lot; it's a graphical interface on top of dbx
> that can use XEmacs or Emacs as the source file editor.  It works very
> well with XEmacs; within XEmacs you get buttons for major actions such
> as setting breakpoints (breakpoints are shown in the margin) and moving
> up and down stack frames.

> The question is, although this might be the wrong place to ask, is
> anyone aware of a package that supports Emacs for Sun Workshop with
> these sorts of features?  The Emacs-21 margin and toolbar seem made for
> it.

FWIW I am writing a mode for gdb that uses these features. It is not in the CVS
repository yet but it is my understanding that it will go in there. IMHO it
works better with gdb than GUD does but, although it may be grand, there is
nothing unified about it i.e it doesn't work with dbx.

> Unfortunately, gdb-5.2.1 doesn't seem to be able to read the symbol
> table generated by the Sun Workshop compiler.

This mode, which is based on an earlier file called gdba.el, uses a feature of
gdb called annotations and so could not be adapted for dbx. Gdb could of
course be used on a Sun workstation in conjunction with gcc.

For more see http://www.nick.uklinux.net


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