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Installer for Mac OS X (make-package)

From: Steven Tamm
Subject: Installer for Mac OS X (make-package)
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 19:23:01 -0700

These changes should help those creating binary installers for X windows and Carbon. When I get a chance, make-package will be deprecated and its contents placed in a Makefile.

2002-10-08  Steven Tamm  <address@hidden>

        * make-package: Added ability to pass command line options
        through to make and configure (-m, & -c,).
        Added option to not copy Application into installer, the default
        for X11 builds.  Does not copy CVS directories into installer.
        Clarified some of the usage notes.

2002-10-07  Steven Tamm  <address@hidden>

        * make-package: Now calls make bootstrap if .elc files are missing

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