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Re: Rmail changes for Emacs 22

From: Paul Michael Reilly
Subject: Re: Rmail changes for Emacs 22
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 08:21:34 -0400

 >     > Is there any way to read a file into the Unicode Emacs
 >     > that was written using no-conversion in the current Emacs?
 >     Yes.  That's what that change is for.  Do you mean it doesn't work?
 > I'm glad to hear people are working on reading in old no-conversion
 > files.  I don't know whether it works; I have not tried it.  I am just
 > finding out the situation.
 >     > Please note that a major change in Rmail is being developed:
 >     > we are going to eliminate Babyl format and use Inbox format.
 >     I hope `eliminate' doesn't mean you won't be able to read it any more.
 > We will have a conversion program.
 >     If you won't be able to write it, then you can eliminate the part of
 >     the change which updates the Babyl version, but you may need to make
 >     similar changes to whatever you end up with.  How will the mbox file
 >     encoding be treated?
 > I don't know, and that is a good question.  I did not work on that
 > aspect of Rmail before, and I am not sure what to do about it now.
 > We might want to save these files normally in emacs-mule encoding,
 > or maybe we would want to decode each message individually when
 > displaying it.  address@hidden is the person doing it.

I'm inclined to decode each message when displaying it.


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