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Re: M-x compile for different file extensions

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: M-x compile for different file extensions
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 15:52:49 -0400

>     I have enhanced the Emacs `compile' package with some commands.
>     1. Automatic selection of compile commands according to the file
>        extension and DEBUG state. (defuns: `compile-main', `compile-sub',
>        `compile-debug-toggle')
> The debugging feature could make sense, but why isn't `make -k' a good
> default regardless of the kind of file?  In other words, why isn't
> "You should write a proper makefile" a good solution for this?

I have missed the orinal post, where was it ?
[ was it in gnu.emacs.bug ?  My gnu.emacs.bug newsgroup has been empty
  for a while now. ]

>     4. An easy way to interact (send input to) with the compilation process
>        (`compile-send-to-process').
> This indeed is something important.
> It is sort of unfortunate that we have the conflict between two
> meanings we would like RET to have in the compilation buffer: "visit
> the source code for a particular error message", and "send a line of
> input".  We have used it for the former ever since that convention
> existed in Emacs (several years ago), but would it be better to use
> it for the latter instead?

We could probably let RET do something like
(if (eobp) (send-to-process) (goto-error))


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