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RE: [Patch for Windows implementation of play-sound]

From: Ben Key
Subject: RE: [Patch for Windows implementation of play-sound]
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 21:08:51 -0400

> I've asked the author about it. Among other things, when compiling with
> MSVC it requires the newest release of the compiler and/or the SDK, and
> That's Not Good IMHO.

This is not true.  I did not say that the newest version of MSSDK is
required.  I said that I have it installed.  My patch will work with the
include files that are included with Visual C++ 6.0.  You will, however, see
a large number of warning messages due to the following segment of the
version of WINDOWS.H that is included with Visual C++ 6.0:

  #if(WINVER >= 0x0500)
  #pragma message ("")
  #pragma message ("NOTE: WINVER has been defined as 0x0500 or greater which
  #pragma message ("Windows NT 5.0 and Windows 98 features. When these
headers were released,")
  #pragma message ("Windows NT 5.0 beta 1 and Windows 98 beta 2.1 were the
current versions.")
  #pragma message ("")
  #pragma message ("For this release when WINVER is defined as 0x0500 or
greater, you can only")
  #pragma message ("build beta or test applications.  To build a retail
  #pragma message ("set WINVER to 0x0400 or visit
  #pragma message ("to see if retail Windows NT 5.0 or Windows 98 headers
are available.")
  #pragma message ("")
  #pragma message ("See the SDK release notes for more information.")
  #pragma message ("")

This warning message is displayed because I had to define WINVER and
_WIN32_WINNT to at least 0x0500 to avoid a compilation error I was
experiencing.  I do not at this time have the details about that compilation

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