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visible system caret no longer working in ms windows

From: John Covici
Subject: visible system caret no longer working in ms windows
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 23:37:07 -0400
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Hi.  For a while I have been using the facilities to make the caret
visible and use the system caret in order to run emacs under ms
windows.  HOwever, when I used the latest cvs version as of 10/17/02,
the caret was not properly tracked at all, although it was still
there, it didn't seem to do anything when I hit the arrows, although
it did work when it was positioned in the echo area to find a file or
other functions.  I went back to an earlier version (w32-fns.c dated
June 14) and it is working again, so somewhere after that it became
broken.  The version number of emacs in both cases is

Any assistance would be appreciated.

         John Covici

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