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RE: visible system caret no longer working in ms windows

From: Ben Key
Subject: RE: visible system caret no longer working in ms windows
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 21:00:11 -0400

  But first make sure you can reproduce what the problem is in the
  current version.  I am not sure that it is easy to spot without
  specific accessibility software installed on your system that relies
  on tracking the system caret.

I have been able to reproduce this problem.  The company I work for, Freedom
Scientific, is the developer of several accessibility products, including
the screen reader JAWS.  Since I am one of the developers of JAWS, I am in
an excellent position to test the system caret support.

I am more than willing to devote quite some time in the evenings at home to
resolve this problem.  My vision is failing and I am beginning to actually
need to use JAWS (I have been helping to develop it for four years now but
until about 6 months ago when my vision started getting much worse I never
even used it other than the bare minimum to test my work!).  One thing I
really an having problems with now is that JAWS does not work with Emacs
very well, so I am having to rely on other editors when eye strain causes me
to have to rely on JAWS.  Therefore I am highly motivated to resolve this
problem as soon as possible.

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