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Re: checkdoc (was: mh-e 6.2 imminent)

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: checkdoc (was: mh-e 6.2 imminent)
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 10:45:51 -0400
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On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 01:13:11PM +0200, Kim F. Storm wrote:
> However, when you want to customize a group, I think having the face
> suffix makes a big difference to the user.  
> E.g. try customize-group on ido; there you will see the following
> headings to customize ido's faces:
>       Ido First Match Face: (sample) [Show Face]
> which I definitely prefer to 
>       Ido First Match: (sample) [Show Face]

Have you tried it with a non `-face' face?  Customize-face will automatically
put in a `face:' after the name to make it more clear.

> So in my option -face suffix is preferable, and I would actually
> argue in favour of _recommending_ using it (which most lisp
> packages seem to do anyway)!

No, it's probably more about half and half.  In particular, the `base' faces
(those defined in faces.el) don't use it.

As far as I can figure, the use of `-face' results from people confusing
faces with variables that point to faces; it seems that the latter used to
be more common than they are now (e.g. the variables and faces used by

P.S.  All information contained in the above letter is false,
      for reasons of military security.

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