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select-window and select-frame

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: select-window and select-frame
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 19:48:31 -0400

As some people have noticed, the behavior of select-window was recently
changed so that it doesn't automatically select the window's frame
as well, so that we can now have the situation where the selected-window
is not on the same frame as the selected-frame.

I think this change of behavior in select-window is bad and should
be reverted.  It is incompatible and does break existing code.
Worse yet, when it introduces a bug, it might not be straightforward
to figure out where the bug is, you just end up with strange window

Having the ability to distinguish between (selected-frame)
and (window-frame (selected-window)) is OK, but changing the behavior
of select-window is not.
I suggest we either introduce a new function that changes the
selected window without changing the selected frame, or add an argument
to select-window to control the behavior (with the default being
to behave like Emacs-21.1 and before did).


PS: IIRC the reason why the behavior was changed is because it is otherwise
    impossible to cycle through all the visible windows (and selecting
    them one after the other) without changing the active windows
    of other frames (the active window of the current frame can be
    preserved by using save-window-configuration but this only applies
    to the current frame).

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