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Re: Updated patch for a Windows implementation of play-sound - 2

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Updated patch for a Windows implementation of play-sound - 2
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:17:05 -0400

> This is another updated version of my patch to provide a Windows compatible
> implementation of play-sound.  In this update I incorporated several more
> suggestions made to me by members of this list.  The largest change between
> this patch and my previous one is thaI am no longer adding a file
> w32sound.c.  Instead I am using sound.c.

Thank you.

> * The code that was previously in w32sound.c has been merged into sound.c.
> sound.c has been reorganized sightly to make it easier for the platform
> specific portions of the code to be enclosed by #ifdef statements and has
> been divided up into well commented sections to ensure that there is no
> misunderstanding about the purpose of a particular #ifdef block.  In order

I value my vertical screen real-estate too much, I guess, but I find those
comments a bit too heavy.  A simple

        /* Common includes.  */

would be enough.  I like the code-reorg on OTOH.
Oh and the "normal" #ifdef style used in Emacs is:

        #if FOO
        #else /* !FOO */
        #endif /* !FOO */
        #if FOO
        #endif /* FOO */

> I would appreciate it if someone would apply this patch on a platform that I
> do not have access to yet has sound support and see if sound.c will compile
> properly on that platform (perhaps Mac OSX).

Compiled here on Linux.


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