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Update for Windows implementation of play-sound-internal and results of

From: Ben Key
Subject: Update for Windows implementation of play-sound-internal and results of system caret testing
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 01:53:51 -0500

Attached to this email is yet another updated patch that provides a partial
implementation of play-sound-internal (the :device argument is ignored and
the :data argument is not supported).  I have incorporated into it all the
suggestions that were made since the previous patch I submitted.  I have
tested this patch under Windows XP using MSVC 6.0 and MinGW 2.0 and under

Also, I have tested the system caret support for Windows using the screen
reader, JAWS, that my company develops.  It works great!  For the first time
JAWS really works well with emacs.  I want to thank everyone who worked on
this feature.

NOTE: When I first tried to build with MinGW, I tried using CygWin Bash as
my shell.  When I did this, I received the same encoded-kb error I have seen
several people mention.  When I used rxvt.exe from MSYS-1.0.8-rc-1 as my
shell, I did not get this error.  As a general rule, I have found that if
you are getting a weird error while building the lisp directory, you need to
try using a different shell.

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