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Re: address@hidden: rcs2log]

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: address@hidden: rcs2log]
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 10:19:20 -0500

> > Can't we change the installation script instead ?
> > Such that on W32 systems, rcs2log is installed as rcs2log.sh
> > and then we install a rcs2log.bat wrapper ?
> > This way the VC code does not need to know whether rcs2log is implemented
> > as an sh script or anything else (it really doesn't need to know: I played
> > with the code and didn't know until now that it was an sh script rather
> > than a binary or a perl script).
> I don't know what's the right way, but as I've said, detecting at
> installation time whether there is a GNU-compatible sort in the path and
> where is it located seems very fragile to me. Not to mention that it
> doesn't adapt very well to situations where you modify the PATH or
> add/remove items to it (something I do quite frequently).

Sorry, I replied to the wrong part of the thread.  I was only
replying to the original part of the thread that's trying to solve the
problem that (call-process "rcs2log" ...) doesn't work under
W32 because rcs2log happens to be an sh script.

As for your sorting problem, I have no idea what a vc-sort-program
could do since VC doesn't use `sort' (try `grep sort lisp/vc*.el').
The problem you have should obviously be fixed somewhere else.


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