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Re: multilingual text in frame

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: multilingual text in frame
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 13:18:04 -0500

    So for instance I can display "?Que' es esto?" fine in the buffer
    (with an upside down ?, and an "e acute" which won't go through the
    mail system), but if I try to display it on the frame title, it gets
    truncated after the first ascii character.

    I'm not sure whether emacs should be able to do this, or not, so I
    don't know whether this is a bug, or not!

In principle, the failure to handle multilingual text in any context
is a bug.  There is code in x_set_name (xfns.c) to encode non-ASCII
chars in the coding system compound-text.  Could you investigate
why this feature does not work?

    On a separate front, any advice, as to how to strip non ascii
    characters, or rather translate them to return something equivalent
    (so "e acute" would return "e" and so on), which I could use as a work
    around, would be much appreciated. 

I don't think we have anything like this.  We could add it if someone
implements it.

It might be useful in menus, as long as menus can't fully handle
non-ASCII chars.

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