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From: Luc Teirlinck
Subject: info
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 19:33:18 -0600 (CST)

The following may not be the biggest problem in the world, but I still
find it confusing.  I believe it is an Emacs problem, but it could be
an info problem, in which case I am posting at the wrong place.

Here is a copy of a part of my info "Top" node:

* Ada mode: (ada-mode). Emacs mode for editing Ada code.
* Autotype: (autotype). Convenient features for text that you enter frequently
                          in Emacs.
* CC Mode: (ccmode).   Emacs mode for editing C, C++, Objective-C,
                          Java, Pike, and IDL code.
* CL: (cl).                     Partial Common Lisp support for Emacs Lisp.
* Calc: (calc).                 Advanced desk calculator and mathematical tool.
* Dired-X: (dired-x).   Dired Extra Features.
* EUDC: (eudc).   An Emacs client for directory servers (LDAP, PH).
* Ebrowse: (ebrowse).   A C++ class browser for Emacs.
* Ediff: (ediff).       A visual interface for comparing and merging programs.
* Elisp: (elisp).       The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual.
* Emacs: (emacs).       The extensible self-documenting text editor.
* Emacs FAQ: (efaq).    Frequently Asked Questions about Emacs.
* Emacs Lisp Intro: (eintr).
                    A simple introduction to Emacs Lisp programming.
* Eshell: (eshell).     A command shell implemented in Emacs Lisp.

If point is on say: Java in the above and I click return I visit the
CL node.  If it is anywhere in:
"A simple introduction to Emacs Lisp programming",
I visit the Eshell node.

Would it not be more logical to look at previous (rather than
following) lines for which node to visit, since that is usually the
node the text we are looking at refers to?  (Unless there are no
previous nodes, in which case the "following node" behavior is indeed 



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