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Re: info

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: info
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 16:17:39 -0500

    Redefine RETURN in Info-mode to be just a shortcut for "m RETURN".  In
    other words, the only difference between RETURN and m would be that if
    m has an interactive default, then RETURN accepts it without querying.

It used to be that typing RET on the Next, Previous and Up pointers
worked too, but that is no longer possible because those pointers
are now in the header line.  So the only things RET can do now
are m and f.

If you're suggesting that we turn of the f functionality, I think that
is a bad idea.  But if you're suggesting that we make RET get an error
when it is not in the menu or on a cross-reference, I think that is a
good idea.  Please write the code for that if you would like to.

    If it is impossible to figure out which
    node the user really wants, then, rather than info making a completely
    wild guess, as it currently does, the user would be alerted to that
    fact with
    Menu item:
    appearing in the echo area.

That is definitely a bad idea, as Eli explained.

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