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Re: JPEG - GNU Emacs

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: JPEG - GNU Emacs
Date: 03 Feb 2003 19:07:58 +0000
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"Dhruva Krishnamurthy" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
>  I tried building Emacs with JPEG support using the MinGW & JPEG 6.0.
> INT32 is getting redefined in the MinGW tools distribution's "basetsd.h" 
> file and JPEG's "jmorecfg.h" file. I had to alter the "jmorecfg.h" and
> prevent the redefinition by putting it in a "#ifdef emacs" block. Is
> there a way to avoid redefinition of typedefs in 'C'?

The sources at gnuwin32.sourceforge.net prevent the redefinition with
#ifndef _WIN32_, so this seems to be a general problem with mingw32
and the jpeg library. Probably this should be reported to the
maintainers of jpeg-6b.

> PS: Can I use GTK build on Windows? I have GTK for Windows.

AFAIK, no. The GTK build still uses X specific features.

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