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MH-E 7.2 released

From: Bill Wohler
Subject: MH-E 7.2 released
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 13:15:45 -0800

MH-E is the GNU Emacs front end for MH. This release has been checked
into the Emacs repository. In addition to the changes listed below, this
release also adds the MH-E ChangeLog to the Emacs repository within the
new lisp/mh-e directory. Read on for more details.

Project home page at: http://mh-e.sourceforge.net/.

* Changes in MH-E 7.2

This release includes the new features of filing hints, hierarchical
file name completion, indexed search and pick integration, unification
between `mh-visit-folder' and the speedbar, a displayed message
indicator, buffer name organization, support for mairix indexed
search, and last but not least, the MH-E logo has been added to the
mode line. Code that handles sequences and message regions runs
faster. Bugs have been fixed.

** New Features in MH-E 7.2

*** Filing Hints

When you file a message, MH-E now looks for an alias corresponding to
the address of the sender and offers that as a default folder (closes
SF #657096). The new variable `mh-default-folder-prefix' can be used
to put these folders in a sub-folder. The new variable
`mh-default-folder-must-exist-flag' means to suppress the suggested
folder (thereby providing the previous folder used) if the folder
doesn't already exist. The new variable `mh-default-folder-list' can
be used to map additional addresses and folders.

*** Hierarchical File Name Completion

When you completed filenames in the past, you were presented with a
list of all your folders at all depths in the tree. Now you are
presented with only one level at a time (closes SF #664821).
As a result, the variables `mh-auto-folder-collect-flag' and
`mh-folder-list-change-hook' are obsolete.

*** Indexed Search and Pick Integration

The indexed and pick searches have been integrated (closes SF
#664816). Both "F s (mh-search-folder)" and "F i (mh-index-search)"
use the pick template for forming queries. To submit the query, use
"C-c C-c (mh-do-search)" which will use the query method you selected.
If you change your mind while forming the query, you can use "C-c C-i
(mh-index-do-search)" or "C-c C-p (mh-pick-do-search)" to submit the
query using the respective method.

Second, the results from a pick search are now saved in a sub-folder
of +mhe-index like an indexed search.

Third, `pick' is now a valid choice for `mh-index-program'.

*** mh-visit-folder Metamorphosis Continues

When visiting a folder from the speedbar, only the unseen messages are
shown if there are unseen messages. If there aren't any unseen
messages, all of the messages are shown if there are fewer than
`mh-large-folder' messages; otherwise, the user is prompted for the
range of messages to display. The "F v (mh-visit-folder)" command has
been modified to mimic this behavior. Use a prefix arg to force the
message range prompt.

*** Displayed Message Indicator

In graphical Emacs, the message that is shown is marked by a triangle
in the fringe. In textual Emacs, there is a ">" in the first column
(closes SF #664824).

*** Buffer Name Organization

All ephemeral buffer names start with " *mh" while all interesting
buffers start with "*MH-E ". The "*Folders*", "*Sequences*", and
"*Recipients*" buffers were therefore renamed to "*MH-E Folders*",
"*MH-E Sequences*" and "*MH-E Recipients*" respectively (programmers
should see mh-utils.el for the names of the new constants). Also, the
output of MH commands is saved in the "*MH-E Log*" buffer.

*** mh-index-program

Add choices for `mairix' and `pick'.

*** Logo Displayed on Mode Line

** New Variables in MH-E 7.2

The new variables have been discussed elsewhere.

** Bug Fixes in MH-E 7.2

*** mh-decode-content-transfer-encoded-message

Messages that had been encoded with base64 were not decoded. This has
been fixed with this new function (closes SF #674190). As a result,
the variable `mh-decode-quoted-printable-flag' has been renamed to

*** mh-kill-folder

Now restores previous window configuration (closes SF #664828).

*** mh-mime-display

MH-E was not using the charset defined in the content-type
header. This meant that mail in a different charset would not
be properly displayed. This has been fixed (closes SF #655123).

*** mh-read-address

In XEmacs and Emacs20, this function would always prompt using "To: "
instead of using the command argument. This has been fixed (closes SF

*** mh-rmail

Unseen messages are now shown in addition to new ones (closes SF

*** mh-scan-msg-overflow-regexp

Change the variable so that a space is always maintained in the
beginning of the scan line.

*** mh-swish-execute-search

The example configuration file in the docstring didn't show the
backslash in the FileRules filename. If the example had been used
literally by the user, no files would be indexed! This has been fixed
(closes SF #665888).

*** mh-thread-refile

The "T o (mh-thread-refile)" command did not provide refiling hints
like `mh-refile-msg'. This has been fixed (closes SF #664829).

*** mh-toggle-threads

If the threaded view was modified and then toggled, the standard view
may not have been accurate (as it contained a potentially old first
message to last message range). This has been fixed (closes SF

*** mh-tool-bar-show-set, mh-tool-bar-letter-set, mh-tool-bar-folder-set

Clicking the customize and help buttons now deletes the other windows
in the frame.

*** mh-version

The "M-x mh-version" command displayed "Aliasfile: aliases". This has
been fixed (closes SF #664467). See Buffer Name Organization above.

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