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Two questions about typos in the RC

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Two questions about typos in the RC
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 18:04:16 +0100

I suppose 21.3 is nearer every day, and, as I'm kinda an
Obsessive-Compulsive Berserk Typo Hunter, I really *hate* leaving around
known typos; so, I'd appreciate answers for these two questions:

1.- In allout.el, `outline-pre-command-business' has the following
incomplete docstring:

> [...] The outline-mode post-command hook will
> position a cursor that has moved as a result of such reinterpretation,
> on the destination topic's bullet, when the cursor wound up in the
>                                                                  ^^^^^^
> The upshot is that you can get easy, single (ie, unmodified) key
> outline maneuvering operations by positioning the cursor on the bullet
> char. [...]

What's supposed to be there? Any idea? I neither know allout nor trust
that much my English skills...

2.- I recently fixed a bunch of typos in the trunk's lisp/ebnf-* modules
where "syntatic" was used instead of "syntactic" (I consulted with
Vinicius before making the change). I'd like to backport the fixes to RC.
Of course, the fixes to docstrings aren't likely to break anything so
these would be OK. Trouble is, the customization group name should be
changed too. I'd bet the likelihood of some code out there depending on
the name of the customization group of ebnf-*.el is ~ 0, but still,
strictly speaking that's not a bug fix, so I'd like to get a "go" before
changing it...


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