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No malayalam glyphs in language/mlm-util.el

From: Robert J. Chassell
Subject: No malayalam glyphs in language/mlm-util.el
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 14:35:37 +0000 (UTC)

Today's CVS snapshot, Fri, 2003 Feb 14  13:31 UTC
GNU Emacs (i686-pc-linux-gnu, X toolkit)
started with

     /usr/local/bin/emacs -q --no-site-file --eval '(blink-cursor-mode 0)'

The HELLO file now displays all its glyphs OK, including Hindi and
Tamil; but I see empty boxes when I visit


This file provides support for composing malayalam characters, which
are Indian.

Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan <address@hidden> told me about the problem.
He, too, is using CVS.

Ramakrishnan also says that running `C-u C-x =' (what-cursor-position
with a prefix arg)

    on the boxes says that emacs is using some Adobe-*-*... font.

although when I do the same I am told

       font: -ETL-Fixed-Medium-R-Normal--16-160-72-72-C-80-ISO10646-1

According to 

    (shell-command "xlsfonts -fn '*-ISO10646-1'" nil nil)

I have: 


which is the same as the font that `what-cursor-position' tells me is
in mlm-util.el, except for being lower case.

What should I do?

    Robert J. Chassell                         Rattlesnake Enterprises
    http://www.rattlesnake.com                  GnuPG Key ID: 004B4AC8
    http://www.teak.cc                             address@hidden

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