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Re: New space char syntax

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: New space char syntax
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 21:36:42 +0100
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Juanma Barranquero <address@hidden> writes:

> On Fri, 14 Feb 2003 17:47:32 +0100, address@hidden (Kai Großjohann) wrote:
>> I tried to byte-compile the current CVS Oort Gnus with the current CVS
>> Emacs.  It barfed at the "? " in the source code of Gnus.
> Did it barf at every use of "? " or just "? " followed by a digit or
> symbol character?

Difficult to say.  I just changed all of them.  But maybe I should go
back and just change things like (? ?a).  I saw these in the Gnus
source code.
A turnip curses Elvis

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