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Re: Free indic fonts

From: 川幡 太一
Subject: Re: Free indic fonts
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 12:45:32 +0900
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>>>>> In <address@hidden> (Re: Free indic fonts), 
>>>>> 半田さん wrote:

> > has a collection of commercial grade 'free' indic fonts.
> Thank you for the info.  Kawabata-san, is it difficult to
> use those fonts instead of CDAC?  They are all TrueType, not
> OpenType, and I confirmed that ttf2bdf works for them.

It seems fine!  Next time I visit, I'll try implement Devanagari,
Malayalam, and Tamil using these fonts.  The problem is the assaigning
glyph codepoints for them.  Handa-san, could you help on it?

I wonder their 3-letter abbreviation.  Most of them are identical to
the one used in Indian Standard Documents, but different in Malayalm
(mal vs mlm), and Gujarati (guj vs gjr).

Which one should we use ... ??

Two proposition on the file structure.

Make all the language abbreviation three-letter used in the Indian

devan-util.el -> dev-util.el etc.

Also, shoudl we separate `***-util.el' to each glyph-char conversion?
For example, `***-isofoc.el', `***-akruthi.el', ... ??

KAWABATA, Taichi (address@hidden)

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