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Emacs - MinGW32 on W2K

From: Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Subject: Emacs - MinGW32 on W2K
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 21:17:20 +0530


To GCC bug track (person I have CC'ed):
other/9816: GCC 3.2.2 (Mingw Release candidate version) - Regression in
building GNU Emacs 21.3 (CVS) 

 I did some further testing. I am building GNU Emacs using various
 versions of GCC on MinGW32 (W2K) and also MSVC
I have tried GCC 3.2.1, GCC 3.2.2 and GCC 3.3

This happens on both Emacs 21.3 and Emacs 21.2.95

A reproducible recepie for a crash:
- Launch emacs
- Load library "recentf" (load-library "recentf")
- Set the recentf mode (recentf-mode t)
- M-x recentf-open-files
CRASH (Emacs Abort Dialog: A fatal error has occured!)

- Remove the "lisp/wid-edit.elc" file
- Run the same scenerio, things work

I tried byte-compile-file "lisp/wid-edit.el" to test if a newly generated
".elc" file would work. I does not work.

The above said BUG happens only when I use a GCC compiled Emacs binary
and not with the binary generated through MSVC

I also did the following test to rule out the elisp compilation
- I built and installed Emacs using MSVC (D:/GNU/emacs-msvc)
- I built and installed Emacs using GCC in a different location
- I launched GNU Emacs (GCC compiled binary)
- Opened the "wid-edit.el" file from the MSVC installation
- Byte compiled it
- Launched MSVC emacs and it works just fine.

I seriously doubt the Emacs binary/executable generated by MSVC and GCC

with regards,
Dhruva Krishnamurthy
Home: http://www32.brinkster.com/schemer/

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