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Re: Malayalam rendering

From: 川幡 太一
Subject: Re: Malayalam rendering
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 01:33:35 +0900
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When I was back to home and read the mails, I was surprised to see so
many mail exchanged...

>>>>> In <address@hidden> (Re: Malayalam rendering), 
>>>>> Mr. Ramakrishnan wrote

> I did some web search on this topic and found[1] that, those ZWJs
> were artifacts of convertions from ISCII to Unicode. 

> It seem to me that consonant + halant + ZWJ == half consonent
> (valid for those 5 half consonants (chillaksharam)) should be
> supported. May be emacs-unicode hackers have something to say on
> this.

It seems to me, as I've seen from the Table 9-1 of Unicode standards,
consonant + halant + ZWJ is used to form the half form of the
consonants.  Is it common to use these characters in Malayalam?  I
thought that the glyphs shown in Table 9-1 is only used in language
textbooks and not at the common usage.  

Anyway, I thinkg it is easy to support them if the appropriate
corresponding glyphs are already prepared in indian-glyph.  I think it
is just add the new entries for them in mlm-char-glyph variable, isn't

 KAWABATA, Taichi (address@hidden)

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