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Re: Enhanced Carbon Emacs (version 2.1, emacs :

From: Guillaume Lessard
Subject: Re: Enhanced Carbon Emacs (version 2.1, emacs :
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 18:14:19 -0800

On Wednesday, February 26, 2003, at 02:32  AM, Steven Tamm wrote:

<excerpt>The binary distributions of GNU Emacs on versiontracker are
woefully out of date.  I had an email conversation with the guy who
posted the "Enhanced Version" and we sort of agreed to disagree.  In
any case, the version you have is almost 3 months old and many, many
bugs have been fixed. =20


The bigger question is what to do about the binary distributions of
21.3 that are floating around with bugs that people report.

How about making them obsolete?

Here's the real problem: there's a major unix platform out there that is not supported by any "released" version of Emacs. Its name is "Mac OS X".

The only reason I considered (and did) get on emacs's CVS repository is that it was at the time the only way to actually *get* a functional (windowed) emacs on OS X.

At this point, it works pretty well. The problems I encounter in external packages seem to be related to changes in the lisp code between 21.3 and 21.4; fixing that most likely requires a release. (Example: JDEE became broken on Carbon Emacs during the past 3 months; it worked fine before).

How long until 21.4 is released?

Guillaume Lessard
Graduate Student
Caltech Applied Physics/Electrical Engineering

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