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Re: scrollbar (once more)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: scrollbar (once more)
Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 09:51:13 -0500

> Richard Stallman wrote:
>        The thumb now covers nearly the entire length of the scrollbar,
>        because the inaccessible portion all of a sudden starts "counting".
>    I'd call it a bug.  Could you try to figure out what causes it?
> Somehow, with the narrowed buffer completely out of view above the
> window and point just after the final newline, the computation of the
> thumb length seems to count the entire inaccessible portion after point
> as "present" in the window.  Apparently, (- (buffer-size) (point))
> characters get counted as present in the window.
> Does the thumb size of the (native) scrollbar get adjusted in the Lisp
> or in the C code?  At first view, I have the impression that it is in
> the C code.  (Although I am not sure.)  While I know C, I am not
> really familiar with Emacs' C code and while I intend to sooner or
> later familiarize myself with it, I do not have the time to start
> studying it at present.

It's in set_vertical_scroll_bar (which I just created a few days ago
by extracting the code out of redisplay_window).


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