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RE: [Bug] (defun foo) during compilation defines `foo' as 0-arg ` igno

From: Wedler, Christoph
Subject: RE: [Bug] (defun foo) during compilation defines `foo' as 0-arg ` igno re'
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 19:57:15 +0200

 >> If you evaluate (defun foo), you get the error
 >> (wrong-number-of-arguments #<subr defun> 1)

 > There has been talk about making (defun foo) behave analogously to
 > (defvar foo), but at the moment this is not so, AFAIK.

Hm, maybe my message was a bit unclear.  The point of my bug report
(otherwise, it would be a feature request) was that (defun foo) does NOT
SIGNAL an ERROR when used inside `eval-when-compile'.

 > You can require the package where foo is defined.

Then it would be as bad as (defun foo) inside `eval-when-compile'...

 > In Tramp, I have the problem with compatibility code, and there I
 > fool the Lisp interpreter by doing (funcall 'foo ...), but that's
 > probably not the right approach.

At least the XEmacs byte compile would still warn about `foo' not being

- Christoph

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