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NEWS and invisible text

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: NEWS and invisible text
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 15:09:41 -0400

The NEWS file says:

   ** Only one of the beginning or end of an invisible, intangible region is
   considered an acceptable value for point; which one is determined by
   examining how the invisible/intangible properties are inherited when new
   text is inserted adjacent to them.  If text inserted at the beginning would
   inherit the invisible/intangible properties, then that position is
   considered unacceptable, and point is forced to the position following the
   invisible/intangible text.  If text inserted at the end would inherit the
   properties, then the opposite happens.
   Thus, point can only go to one end of an invisible, intangible region, but
   not the other one.  This prevents C-f and C-b from appearing to stand still
   on the screen.  

I'm not sure what it refers to, and I think it should make it more
clear in which way it's different from the previous behavior.

Also I'd like to add the following (although better working would
be appreciated), which is about a different feature (AFAIK).  Any
idea how to make the two more understandable, especially w.r.t
each other ?

   ** The code that forced point to move out of images and composition
   has been generalized to apply to overlays as well and to invisible text.
   This makes it generally unnecessary to mark invisible text as intangible,
   which is particularly good due to the fact that the intangible property
   can often have unexpected side-effects because the property applies
   to everything (including `goto-char', ...) whereas this new code is
   only run after post-command-hook and thus does not care about intermediate

-- Stefan

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