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URL filename syntax?

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: URL filename syntax?
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 13:51:04 +0200
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Is it desirable to use URL-like syntax for remote files?

Currently, Tramp uses this format:


My idea is to use


where the initial slash is optional.  The initial slash is needed to
provide the old magic slash behavior.

There are some issues with this:

* The URL syntax should be as close to the standard as possible.  But
  the ftp URL RFC states that an ftp URL looks like this:


  where each component can be a string or empty.  The semantics are
  that the user agend does "CWD component1" followed by "CWD
  component2" and so on.

  This means that ftp://address@hidden/etc/motd refers to the file
  ~user/etc/motd on the remote host, as do ftp://address@hidden//etc/motd
  and ftp://address@hidden/a/b/c//etc/motd.  In order to reference
  /etc/motd on the remote host, one has to use

  I think we can't require our users to type %2F in such cases, and
  therefore I propose to change the ftp URL syntax to interpret
  ftp://address@hidden//foo as the file /foo on the remote host.  (And
  ftp://address@hidden/foo refers to ~user/foo.)

* Tramp allows to omit the method.  How do I do that with URLs?

* Tramp also supports multi-hop connections, with a syntax like


  where hopI looks like hop-method:address@hidden  So, for example,


  means to use telnet to log in as user kai on marvin, then use
  /bin/su there to become root, then access the file /etc/passwd.

  In the rare case where one would like to access a file/directory
  whose name contains a colon, one can add slashes.  So to access the
  file "foo:bar" in root's homedir, one could use


  which is unambiguous.

  Clearly, multi://telnet:address@hidden/su:address@hidden/foo:bar will
  not work so well...  Hm.  But I could support ~, too, so this would
  become multi://telnet:address@hidden/su:address@hidden/~/foo:bar which
  is unambiguous.

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