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Re: Three minor GTK (?) problems

From: Michael Welsh Duggan
Subject: Re: Three minor GTK (?) problems
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 17:25:50 -0400
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Simon Josefsson <address@hidden> writes:

> I have been running emacs with gtk as my main editor for a while, and
> it is very stable.  In fact, I have only ever seen three problems
> which I believe are GTK related, but they are rare and I don't know
> how to reproduce them.  This note is to document that I see them, to
> see if others do too.  I don't have time to debug them, so I hope this
> list might help someone.  If not, please just disregard this note, and
> I'll debug it eventually, unless someone beats me to it.
> * Move/resize window crashes during Gnus startup.  I frequently launch
>   an emacs and type M-x gnus RET and then resize or move the window
>   while Gnus is loading, sometimes this makes emacs crash.  This
>   happens maybe on one out of twenty startups.

I have experienced this as well, but with a non-GTK setup, so I think
that it is unrelated to GTK.  It happens just as infrequently for me.

Michael Welsh Duggan

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