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Re: Idea for compilation mode

From: Stephan Stahl
Subject: Re: Idea for compilation mode
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 08:25:43 +0200
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Andreas Schwab <address@hidden> wrote:

> Stephan Stahl <address@hidden> writes:
> |> I was thinking of C-c r for recompile, C-c c for compile and C-c g or C-c
> s for 
> |> compilation-mode-grep.
> C-c <letter> is reserved for the user.

I did not know that. Then what about C-c C-r, C-c C-c, C-c C-g keys (in the 
compilation buffer). They are free, don't hurt anyone and i think they are 
better than M-x recom-TAB RET (recompile) for example.
Well they are easier to hit then i thought :-).

Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:

>     Yes but i think in compile mode there are plenty of non used C-c keys.
> C-x ` can be used in all modes; you don't have to go to the
> compilation buffer to use it.

Richard Stallman <address@hidden> wrote:

>     I think that is a good idea. What do you think about extending the
>     compile thing to treat errors and warnings different? I know that depends
>     just on compilation-error-regexp-alist but when someone is already adding
>     some keys maybe it would be worth to add the same for warnings to. That
>     way one can look quickly for error in the compilation and when neccessary
>     for warnings to get the code clean.
> It sounds like a good feature.  I would suggest having a variable
> that controls whether warnings are ignored.

My point was not to replace C-x ` but to add some keybindings to make compile 
mode better. When compiling i think one is often in the compile buffer and 
could surely use this bindings.
As someothers pointed out C-x ` is very difficult to hit even on normal 
keyboards so some alternative would be nice even if it is just in the compile 

That way there could even be a binding for toggling that variable or different 
keys for errors and warnings. Maybe C-c C-w to toggle warnings of/off. C-M-p 
and C-M-n for previous and next warning.

Stephan Stahl

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