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Re: mouse wheel not functional anymore?

From: Jason Rumney
Subject: Re: mouse wheel not functional anymore?
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2003 16:33:46 +0100
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fortepianissimo wrote:

I did what you told me and Emacs showed "<wheel-up> is undefined" (or
<wheel-down>). This is interesting cuz in Customization both are
defined (to mouse-4 and mouse-5 respectively).

Do you mean you have defined the up and down mwheel events to be
mouse-4 and mouse-5 as a local customization?  The wheel is not
mapped to mouse-4 and mouse-5 on Mac (and never has been), so I
suggest you erase this customization.

It worked before because there was special code in mwheel.el to
handle the mouse-wheel event on Windows and Mac (which was a single
event for both up and down), but that has been removed in favour of
separate events that are easier to bind to other commands, and can
use the general mwheel support without and special code.

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