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RE: FW: shell: cd after &

From: Marshall, Simon
Subject: RE: FW: shell: cd after &
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 17:42:29 +0100

You can always do M-x dirs RET to resync emacs' idea of the directory

It might be useful to add a selectable feature whereby emacs does a
(dirs) after each (comint-send-input).  You'd want to turn it off if you
did ftp or something from the *shell*.  I remember implementing
something like that many years ago, but decided it would be too annoying
to put in shell.el.  Nothing is going to be infallible.

As the shell.el comment says, "The solution is to relax, not stress out
about it, and settle for a hack that works pretty well in typical

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From: Rajesh Vaidheeswarran [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 11 June 2003 16:52
To: Stephen J. Turnbull
Cc: Marshall, Simon; 'Emacs Developers'; Norbert Koch
Subject: Re: FW: shell: cd after &

One of the issues that I have always found to be clunky with the
cwd tracking in shell is its inability to track the pwd after every
not just explicit directory commands.

For instance, I use a program called `workon' extensively to work with
different cvs modules. The program sets the pertinent environment
and exec a shell and puts the user in the root of the cvs module.

When I use this within emacs, I typically do something like

% workon emacs
% cd `pwd`

for emacs to understand the current directory.

Of course, I don't have any suggestions on how this can be solved.
Anyway, I guess the current change in question is a step in the right

In a previous message, "Stephen J. Turnbull" writes:

> >>>>> "Simon" == Simon Marshall <Marshall> writes:
>     Simon> I don't know if anyone cares enough about this.  It's so
>     Simon> long since I maintained shell.el I don't know if it's worth
>     Simon> it.
> FWIW Norbert Koch <address@hidden> approved it for XEmacs.  So, if
> you want rationale, you could ask him.

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