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From: Roland Winkler
Subject: minibuffer-selected-buffer
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 18:49:09 +0200

The function minibuffer-selected-window returns the window which was
selected when entering the minibuffer. For bibtex.el I would like to
use a function minibuffer-selected-buffer that returns the buffer
which was the current buffer when entering the minibuffer. Would it
make sense to add such a function to emacs?

More specifically my problem is the following: The argument TABLE of
completing-read can be a function that is doing the completion.
When TABLE is called by completing-read the current buffer is the
minibuffer. But I would like to run this function in the buffer foo
which was the current buffer when entering the minibuffer. (This
function should parse the buffer foo in order to generate the
completion table.) This can be achieved using
minibuffer-selected-window provided that the buffer foo has a window
attached to it. But this is essentially irrelevant for my problem.
Parsing the buffer foo makes sense even if currently no window is
attached to it.

Suggestions welcome!


PS: I have not subscribed to address@hidden

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