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Re: Refilling overrides texinfo commands

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Refilling overrides texinfo commands
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 09:33:14 -0400

    unless Emacs would
    start operating directly on the Texinfo source files 

That isn't a viable alternative, because then the Texinfo language
couldn't change independent of Emacs.  That's more or less the whole
reason that Info format exists.

    (Or if Emacs would give up on its refilling attempts.)

Although I appreciate the desire to refill the info files according to
the window size (I assume that's the point), there isn't enough
information in the Info files to do this, as you say.

If you want to completely rewrite the output, Emacs could (in theory)
use the xml or docbook output.  In practice, I doubt it is ready for
such critical use, nor do I think it's a good idea, all I'm saying is
that that's the extent to which we'd have to go to do it right.

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