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Re: Invisible colons in Emacs Info.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Invisible colons in Emacs Info.
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 20:12:34 -0400

>     Stefan and Karl pointed out that condition 2 used not to be necessary
> And condition 1 did not obtain; colons were not allowed.

I thought the idea was to allow colons such that previously invalid
entries (with colons) are now allowed.  I think previously valid
entries should stay valid.

>     If we want 1.  but not 2. then things become much more complicated and
>     precise specs would need to be agreed upon.
> 1-but-not-2 requires the "real fix" or "better solution" or whatever you
> want to call it, as far as I can tell.  (Quoting syntax.)
>    Problem is that it still fails on:
>       * name1:foo:node.           des:cription.
>    because it thinks the menu entry name is "name1:foo:node.           des"
>    and the node name is "cription".  I'm sure we can tune the disambiguation
>    by saying that menu entries can have `:' but cannot have `.' after the `:'
>    or some other such heuristic.  
> Huh?  According to the rule above, the above is invalid because it lacks
> a space, right?

Indeed, it's not a big deal: it was not valid before and it's not
valid now either.  It's thus a non-issue.  Sorry for not noticing it.

> If that's what you were saying.
> It's simpler both to understand and to implement to just require :<space>
> as a separator.  Or :<tab>, I suppose.

Well, actually my regexp implementation is simpler than the hand-parsing code
that was used before, AFAICT.


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