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Re: vc-svn.el donation - attn Stephan Monnier

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: vc-svn.el donation - attn Stephan Monnier
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 20:47:13 -0400

> that edition to live in the Emacs source tree.  I'm not the right
> person to maintain it, as I don't use it, but Stefan might be.  If he
> is actively maintaining the one currently in Emacs, and is sure that
> the one in the Subversion tree has nothing that's not in his version,
> then perhaps our task is as simple as:
>    a) See if there's anything useful in your version that's missing
>       from Stefan's, and port those changes over if so, and

I'll do that as soon as I catch up with the rest of my mail.

>    b) Remove the one in the Subversion tree, and point people at some
>       public URL for the one in the Emacs tree.

The one in the Emacs tree is supposed to provide a superset of the
functionality of the one in the Subversion tree, except for the fact
that it does not work with Emacs-21.X.

Whether it does provide a superset or not is actually an open question
because the code is completely different (the sync'ing is "featurewise"
rather than "codewise").


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