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gdb <-> .gdbinit

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: gdb <-> .gdbinit
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 18:43:18 +0100

 > You may want to open/select .gdbinit from gdb(buffer created by M-x gdb) 
 > quickly.
 > After editing .gdbinit you may also want to select gdb buffer quickly.
 > With following patch, you can move between .gdbinit buffer and gdb quickly 
 > with 
 > C-cC-v.

Is it common practice to edit .gdbinit *during* a debugging session? If I
needed to do this I can always use `C-x C-f' which doesn't seem much harder
than `C-c C-v' and its one less keybinding to remember.


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