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Re: thai font problem

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: thai font problem
Date: 01 Sep 2003 17:09:41 -0400
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> But, I think it's basically not the right thing to set "*"
> family in the default fontset.  To solve the Thai font
> problem, we need fine-tuning mechanism in font selection.
> For instance, if the size of a selected font is very
> different from the requested size, try to select another
> font by ignoring a family.  But, how to decide that the font
> size is "very different"?  Don't we have to suppress such a
> mechanism for ASCII font?  I'm not sure.

I had a patch that introduced a "max-fuzz" variable such that any font whose
size is too far apart (by default the acceptable fuzz was 12.5%) from the
target size is rejected.

The original reason for introducing it was to give preference to unscaled
bitmap fonts while still reverting to a scaled font (potentially auto-scaled
from a bitmap) if the requested size was not close to any of the bitmap
fonts available.

I can't find the patch any more, tho.  Hopefully, anti-aliasing will make
bitmap fonts obsolete soon enough.


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