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Add M-x occur to the menu-bar

From: Marshall, Simon
Subject: Add M-x occur to the menu-bar
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 17:11:24 +0100

It seems useful to add an entry for M-x occur to the Tools menu-bar,
alongside the entry for M-x grep.  

While I was at it, it seemed a good idea to change the use of the word
"search" for the entry for M-x grep, since that word is used for entries
(under the Edit menu-bar) that move point.  M-x occur and M-x grep are
different; they list matching lines rather than moving point.

So here's a patch.

 <<menu-bar.diff2>>  <<menu-bar.cl2>> 

Attachment: menu-bar.diff2
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Attachment: menu-bar.cl2
Description: Binary data

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